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Why Invest in Property


Our UK Property Investment offers informed investors the opportunity to receive excellent fixed returns over an agreed investment term, with capital being returned in full at the end of your chosen investment period.
Recently introduced structural changes in the buy-to-let sector have reduced its allure for many investors.

Property-based bond investments offer an attractive alternative way of accessing high-demand areas of the property market in the UK by providing funding for innovative development solutions, such as Rooftop Extensions, which are aimed at exploiting otherwise under-developed spaces in sought-after locations.

Why invest in property?

  • UK property is attractively priced relative to the other main asset classes
  • Access to relatively predictable investment returns, with measurable ‘downside risk’
  • Widespread availability of empty or obsolete commercial space, with the potential for conversion to alternative use including student accommodation
  • Shortage of suitable modern commercial space in many core locations across the UK
  • ┬áMarket indicators point to increasing competition for space, as well as rising rental levels